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Cell Culture Media and Supplements

Our specialized cell culture media and supplements are optimized for specific applications depending on your chosen tissue or cell type. Whether you are working with cells isolated from human tissues or from other species, our specialized products fit into every step of your experimental workflow.


Common Bufffer

Buffer”is a solution that prevents the change in PH when a certain amount of acid and base is added to them.  PythoBio® provides buffers including various KRB, phosphate system, SA buffers, antigen repair buffers, isotonic buffers and electrophoresis buffers used in cell physiology experiments. These buffer system are excellent, PH was precise control. Make the customer's experiment achieve more stable expected effect



Small molecules

Small molecules are increasingly being used as tools to modulate signaling pathways and understand cell biology. Whether to regulate cell biology by affecting reprogramming, self-renewal, or differentiation or to better understand mechanism of cancers by targeting tumorigenic signaling nodes, the right small molecule can transform a research project. PythoBio® offers small molecules that are being widely used in high impact research to target the key pathways in stem cell biology. 




Activate, expand and differentiate with cytokines, chemokines and growth factors from PythoBio®. These high-quality reagents ensure reproducibility across a variety of applications for immunology and cell research.




Antibody choosen was essential step for your life research. Screening antibodies shouldn't be. Don't waste valuable research time finding the appropriate antibody for your cell analysis.

Choose from a line of high-quality primary and secondary antibodies that are verified to work with our reagents in specific applications, ensuring that your downstream cell analysis, including phenotyping and purity assessments, works consistently.



Cell& Histology Stain Kit

PythoBio provide high quality and highly effective cell& histology stain kits. The products include superoxide dismutase (SOD) test kit, malondialdehyde (MDA) test kit, nitric oxide (NO) test kit, nitric oxide synthetase (NOS) test kit, ATPase test kit, hydroxyproline (HPY) test kit, etc. The current products mainly include eight categories and more than a hundred formats. They can be used in medicine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, sports, biology, environmental protection, food hygiene, preventive medicine, health products, cosmetics, etc.

PythoBio’s stain kit products synthesized the advantages of dye liquors in the market, and it combines creative dyeing technology. The effect is good, the usage is convenient, the quality is stable and reliable, the preservation period is long, etc. The superior performance can compete with imported products. Since it’s been marketized, it has been very popular among scientific researchers and doctors.  

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